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Let's make Mekko Profit Pool Chart.

You know, when I first added this 'blog' page, I did not think about that I should update postings frequently....

And now I added Profit Pool chart, I thought I need to update postings to show how it works. For those who does not know what profit pool chart is, it's a graph sort of like the Mekko but the width of a element often shows revenue, while the height shows margin. When I made this chart, it was to show the client full value chain in one industry and which part is gold mine.

So, when you look at the chart above, about the PC industry. You would get to know the microprocessors manufacturers, although the market and the revenue total of the players are small, but the margin is so high.

This chart means if you are to start a company making personal computers, and even if you conquer the market with total monopoly, you will not be more profitable then processor market players although you make over 5 times revenue of total processor market.

(But if you have total monopoly, you might be able to raise profit much much more so.....$$$$$)

Anyways, here is the table I made from the chart

Don't ask. I just looked at the chart and guessed all numbers. ~('오' )~

Than you open the Mekkoguru Profit Pool file and put in the numbers.

When you put in, the total H value will be automatically calculated and be shown as 150 value and the number will be shown in the chart as well.

However, when you check the original Chart, it only shows 100% scale not the actual value. Since Mekkoguru is conveniently hide (on purpose. s( '유')/ ) label or value, you only need to change the "150 B$" to "100%"

The orange cell that shows total H value is linked to the 'Total' number of the chart but that number is NOT linked to any other cell of main calculation. So even if you overwrite, it has no effect on the chart. You can just hard code it.

You can change

"EBIT (%)" to Margin (%)

"150" total H value to "100"

and the unit from B$ to % than you will get the Chart.

I was gonna do the beautifying works to show you but it's Sunday and I'm too tired to do that.... Please understand. You can check how to do beautifying works for the Mekko Chart in my other postings :)

Thank you and enjoy mekko~

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