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Let's make Marimekko / Mekko chart with Mekkoguru 2

Welcome! Today we will try to recreate Mekko chart below. This is again found in the google image search as "Mekko Chart". The reason I picked this one is, because it looked easy.... -,.-. I have my tired days guys and this is not my main job so sometimes daddy needs some rest.

The chart below shows Michelin 3 star restaurants in EU, Asia, and USA. USA looks small but it's weird to compare a country with continents. I personally do not trust Michelin guide too much because they select restaurant with too western point of views... Maybe why Japan has so many. Anyways,,

To make mekko like this, you need data. Fortunately the chart has all the values in the graph. so I prepared datasheet as below;


Mind that the data are set as the same order you see from the Chart above. Top ones on the top, left ones on left.

When you put that into Mekkoguru, you can make Mekko Chart like below

Easy like this.

When you put the data in and you don't see the chart on your right side, you need to check the color coding input

When you see the coloring, you can notice only the cells you need to input color code are shaded. So cop and paste color code on the right side (the code cells - G1, G2, G3... - are copyable)

When you are all set on the coloring, you will have Marimekko / Mekko chart as below

We don't need the "Source" so we can crop it out when we paste to PPT.

Then we need to draw white lines between each cells and put labels on. I hop you know you can click with Ctrl + Shift + Click then drag an element to copy while aligned with the original object horizontally or vertically. (Hugh tip for PPT user)

This Mekko Chart has more labels than I expected.... I know drawing lines and label may annoy you. When I think Mekkoguru will be hugh and we need to really develop a solution to draw Mekko, I promise I will put auto coloring and labeling. I tried with Excel and the pixcel should me at least 640 x 480 to show single row or column like thin line but that made my laptop hot enough to cook an egg. I don't think anyone would want that. lol. Just find your peace of mind thinking you are saving more than $300 with only drawing line and labels...

Once you are done the finishing works, you will have Mekko chart like this! Congrats!

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