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I had to do it. Version up

Since I posted my last (and only) posting, it made me embarrassing that my product that intend to SELL cannot smoothly recreate Mekko I googled. It did not had enough rows, and the color coding was too limited.

So, I started from scratch, and made Mekkoguru v2.0

I used index() function and match() to lower the size of previous version (372kb) but somehow it got bigger, to 745kb. I guess expanding rows and columns almost twice made the whole file much more heavier than my work to change logic.

Main upgrades

1. Input area expansion

Previous version had 6 x 13 input cells but the new version has 10 x 20 so the input-able data doubled. (/ '요')/~~~

2. Proper color coding

Previous version has Row based coloring so once you set a color for a segment, you could not highlight singe cell.

Now I made total 10 x 20 coloring cell so that you can put independent colors. Plus, I made proper color pallet to use almost all preset colors PPT or Excel provide. So you can make prettier Mekko with proper highlights.

So, if we make the Beer production chart with the Version 2, it looks like this

[Mekkoguru version]

[Original Mekko]

Compared to original Mekko, I think with this level of recreation, it's definitely more usable than the previous version.

I'm skeptical to update the Demo version as well know, it's Demo. Enjoy Mekko and purchase v2.0!

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