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Let's make Marimekko (Mekko) chart with Mekkoguru 1

In "Let's make Marimekko (Mekko) chart with Mekkoguru", I pick a mekkochart from Google image search, and recreate with Mekkoguru

I found this Mekko about US Craft Beer Production from

Let's make this Mekko with Mekkoguru.

Extracting data

To make Mekko, we need data. This chart weirdly has percentage data yet having total of million dollars unit. So we need to convert the % data into real data

I simply put the data on the top part. The total sum of the data was 99 so I copied the data and divided each cell value with the total 99 and multiply 24.6 to get the bottom data sheet.

Since Mekkoguru only has 13 rows, I had to overlap some data. WA and IL in the same raw, OR and MO, and so on.. I should have chosen better example sheet not to show weakness of the Mekkoguru ㅡ,.ㅡ

Drawing the Mekko

With the data, I simply put in the value into Mekkoguru full version, and adjust colors. Mekkoguru does not support 'same color' in a single column. Again, I choose the wrong example...

Anyways, once you put the data in, you see Mekko graph right away. Mind that some of the raw will have same color since we shared some value in the same rows.

Beautifying Mekko

After you copy and paste the Mekko to PPT, you need to do some tedious job to draw lines and labels. This Mekko has label and value for all of their cells.

But if you are patient enough, you will meet a beautiful Mekko in the end. Here is the completed version.

Enjoy drawing Mekko!

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